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Emeralds Roasting on an Open Fire [Nov. 26th, 2003|01:52 am]
[Current Mood |blankblank]
[Current Music |Ravel - Introduction & Allegro for Harp]

Hello my little Chickens!

I thought I'd post an entry about how much I am going to miss you all when you go away and ditch me forever I hate you I hate you.

I hope you have a LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY time at All-State, but I hope you don't EVER FORGET ABOUT ME SITTING HERE BACK AT HOME PICKING MY NOSE. I hope that you are reminded of me when silly things happen. I am a jealous, selfish creature that way.

Just kidding! I think I will be okay. I will miss you all a lot though. If you see Brian Kardon ask him if he remembers his old standpartner and tell him that I say hello! And congratulate him if he gets Concertmaster of the Symphony Orchestra because he probably will ya? Unless some other sick kids take over All-State.

I wonder who is going to be there that was there last year?


I am sitting here throwing Craisins on the floor for no apparent reason. My mind is completely blank right now. My brain shut off about three hours ago. I kind of whined a little until Grover woke up, got up, ate the Craisins on the floor, then went back to sleep. Oh man guys OH MAN.

*Sigh* I love you all muchly, and will be sitting here posting on LJ all by myself while you are gone. Farewell my friends. Have a nice life :[
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love love love [Nov. 25th, 2003|01:46 pm]

[Current Mood |confusedconfused]
[Current Music |too many voices]

hello hello hello here i am during my FREEEE period..yes i can access livejournal from school as you can seeee. i should be working on my common application but i am NOT instead i am updating the furthering the essential greatness of WUHSUKIMCHOU the sexiest string quartet in existence...i love you all dearly and i just died in calculus because we had a test and i definitely failed. it was one of thoses where i wanted to hit my head over and over on the desk. RARRR. but just think we have vacation soon! YAYYYY
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yippeeeee! [Nov. 25th, 2003|06:45 am]

[Current Mood |awake]
[Current Music |no doubt: its my life]

yay im in im in im in im in!!! and the thing up my ass is out is out is out!! YAYYYY!!! stephhh doesnt miss me...:( poo. do ya miss me now?! i miss yoU!!!!!!!

aww this is AWESOMeness. yeah why am i updating now. can you guys get onto livejournal at school?! its blocked for me, but i can get on xanga. hmm loopholes anybodayy? and i JUST FOUND OUT! i took a test home instead of handing it in by accident! it just popped outta my binder,,,what am i gonna doooooo.
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What's up Amy's ass? [Nov. 24th, 2003|09:28 pm]
[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[Current Music |Stravinsky Firebird on WQXR!]

Can anyone explain to me why Amy is only "watching" the wuhsukimchou community site? Amy, my dear friend, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU NOT A MEMBER?

I say that we all don't speak to Amy until she joins. What, TOO GOOD FOR US?! TOO SEXY FOR YOUR HOT PINK THONG?! Bitch. That's right.

On a lighter note!

I just spent the last hour at Hoff photocopying the Christmas string quartet book that we're going to be using. The arrangements are actually REALLY REALLY GOOD. Sorry if you guys wanted to do the Mendelssohn or the Schumann. We can for other things, but for our wuhsukimchou debut, we have to do something a little more festive, light, and entertaining! These arrangments sound spectacular, I am not even kidding. Not quite Dvorak and Schumann, but ALMOST! I didn't get to finish photocopying though, because I was only hit by the brilliant idea of photocopying TODAY (to get a head start) with about one hour left of my desk duties. I only got to finish photocopying the the Violin I part for Shmems, and a couple pages of the Violin II part for Amy. I AM THE PHOTOCOPYING GOD. I am not even joking. I make WIIIICKKKEDDD photocopies. I even do the double-sided thing (I have an incredibly efficient system!) and my taping job is IMPECCABLE. Is that a word? It looks funny all capitalized. I FLIPPPPED out when I realized that I only had two minutes left before my dad came to pick me up at 9:00 AND I REALLY WANTED TO FINISH COPYING EVERY SINGLE PAGE OF ALL FOUR PARTS. No, I don't have OCD. I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK TO FINISH ON WEDNESDAY. It's really relaxing actually...the rhythm, and the feeling of productivity without having to think or use my brain in any way, shape, or form. I love I love I love.

I love everyone except for Amy. I MISS YOU GUYS!!! GO JANUARY 3RD!!
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(no subject) [Nov. 24th, 2003|06:17 pm]

hooollyyy maccarrooonniii ITS OUR OWN COMMUNITY!
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LOOK [Nov. 24th, 2003|04:30 pm]

wuhsukimchou officially kicks ass. we now have our own community. aren't you excited?
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